Hydrophilic silicon softener TEC70


TEC70 is a handle-building finishing agent whose major component is specially modified Polydimethylsiloxane. It gives various fabrics hydrophilic, full and silky handle and great durability. It guarantees the treated fabrics a great handle after standard household washing.

TEC70  contains quaternary ammonium groups, and it is a linear polymer which is formed by chain segment in traditional organic chemistry and siloxane block, just close to self-emulsifying. TEC70 is suitable in exhaustion, dip-dyeing and padding, and also can be used in spraying or other processing methods. Its outstanding stability gives the user more advantages.




Gives fabrics an outstandingly soft, full and silky handle.

Has no impact on the hydrophilicity of pure cotton and blended fabrics, and can improve the hydrophilicity of chemical fiber fabrics.

Its great resilience can significantly enhance the elasticity of knitted products.

Can be used for various kinds of fibers and fabrics.

Can reach great softness after finishing treatment

The softness after finishing is durable, which can withstand more than ten times of household washing. The effect is more notable on cellucose fiber.

Close to self-emulsifying. High stability of the emulsion is guaranteed under high shear, and a wide range of PH (acidic or alkaline)

No yellowing for white and light-colored fabrics. When testing hydrophillicity by water dropping, no water stain or very slight water stain.

No odor.


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