Penetrating agent TST319

It is kind of air removing and penetrating agent with lasting properties of anti-foaming.

Model No : TST319


It is kind of air removing and penetrating agent with lasting properties of anti-foaming.

Usage :

Removing air from the liquid in the process of textile wet finishing. Removing air from fiber bundle tightly packed or knitted materials. It can be used to prevent the formation of foam or remove the original foam. It is quite effective even working in powerful liquid circulation machines. Especially recommended when using in liquid circulation dyeing machine.

Characters :

Effect penetrating by integrated working of wetting, air removing and anti-foaming. Enhance the quality and cost-effective processing system in all wetting finishing process.

High effective of wetting, immediately leveling the liquid to fiber. Promote the treating liquid to penetrating inside the textile materials and prevent the insufficient absorption rate at each point on textile materials.

Immediately remove air from textile, release tiny disperse foam that strongly adheres to hydrophobic fiber to promote surface leveling on fiber and relieve channeling phenomenon.     .

Lasting removing air from liquid, tiny disperse air in liquid will be shortly cleared to prevent air gathering on fiber.

Prevent and remove foam for lasting period in finishing liquid of textile even if working with plenty of foaming surfactant. In this way, it can ensure leveling liquid circulations thus taking a mild method when treating some sensitive and demanding fiber.

Lasting effect, no need to replenish. High effective, reliable and cost-effective in the whole process of textile finishing.

Stable functioned under strong acid and weak base, widely used and easily handled, simply to storage.

It can break down coacervation, and be compatible with many dyes and textile chemicals, so don’t worry about being filtered.


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