Polyester resin for sizing TD5

Dedicated Size for Polyester (water soluble polyester size)

Model No : TD5


Dedicated Size for Polyester (water soluble polyester size)

Application Scope

This size is dedicated for polyester filament yarn, pure polyester yarn, and Terylene yarn with polyester content more than 60%.


Excellent adhesion performance

Having similar molecular structure and excellent adhesion performance with polyester, that the adhesion force better than that of PVA, acrylic ester and modified starch, etc

Better water-soluble

Having a good solubility in water above 80℃, no precipitation, no crust. Having a good miscibility with the starch, PVA, acrylic ester, no precipitation, no stratification.

Low viscosity and good stability

Adapt to the high concentration, high pressure, low viscosity sizing process. Easy to get good penetration, fiber cohesion, hairiness appressed.

Good sizing film

Firm, smooth and transparent, the sizing film disconnected uniformly in lease with little regeneration yarn hairiness. Effectively reduce the rate of warp breakage and improve the loom efficiency.

Cost effective

Providing the quality of weaving is satisfied, the sizing was used in an 0.5 times of PVA dosage.

Green and Eco friendly

Degraded by alcohol, water, alkali, light and microbe. The performance of degradation is better than PVA and the dosage is 0.5 times of PVA in weaving to reduce the cost of sewage treatment.


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